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Luminarc: a pioneer in the development of coloured opal glass

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Friday, 19 January, 2018
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The secret of opal glass lies in its incredible durability. It boasts three times the breakage resistance of other materials on the market.

Luminarc has revolutionised the tableware sector with the launch of the very first coloured opal glass collections. The brand’s glassware, prized by consumers for its durability, was only available in white opal glass until now. 

Ode to grey

Ushering in this new era for opal glass, Alizee Granit is Luminarc’s first-ever collection in grey. The choice of colour was inspired by the growing use of grey in interior decoration and the spectacular results that have been achieved. Alizee Granit lends the collection a serene, elegant air without losing the shine and luminosity that characterize the tonal clarity of opal glass. 

Grey is also a neutral colour that exudes sophistication, elegance and contemporaneity, particularly when combined with black, white, transparent or metallic tones – all of which are very much on-trend in the world of interior decoration.

The same advantages as opal glass

Opal glass is an amazingly durable material that is produced by a process called tempering, in which the glass is heated to a high temperature then rapidly cooled. It is highly resistant to cutlery scratches and is entirely dishwasher safe, preserving its shine wash after wash. 

Hygiene is another outstanding quality of this material, as its non-porous composition prevents the retention of microorganisms. It is also recyclable and free from lead and cadmium. In conclusion: the quality of Luminarc products is increasing day by day, while their cost continues to remain affordable!

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