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Angel León “Chef & Sommelier is a key part of our table service at Aponiente”

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Saturday, 16 June, 2018
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Angel León, the star of the cooking-themed TV show “El Chef del Mar”, and his head waiter Juan Ruiz have chosen Chef & Sommelier for the new phase that is under way at their three-Michelin-starred restaurant.

León is the executive chef and joint owner (with sommelier Juan Ruíz) of Aponiente, which has recently been awarded three Michelin stars. The two men have selected a wide range of glasses from Chef & Sommelier in order to create the perfect setting for the wine service during this new phase in the restaurant’s development. “Chef & Sommelier is a key part of our table service at Aponiente”, León affirmed. “The shapes of its glasses are specially designed for each type of wine and are highly technical while retaining a careful sense of aesthetics. They highlight and reinforce the qualities of each drink, ensuring that the wine service experience is unique and perfect”.

“The shape of the glass plays a key role in the wine service”, added Ruíz. “In this respect, Chef & Sommelier is the perfect partner, as it offers a wide range of shapes, capacities, designs and details, all of which have been carefully designed to suit each of the wines selected for the restaurant. Their high degree of transparency, the painstakingly crafted surfaces to aid oxygenation, the thinness of their edges and the exceptional durability of their materials are an ideal fit for the perfection we seek at Aponiente”.

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